Saturday, February 24, 2024 | 20:48 WIB

Russia Takes Center Stage in US Political Battle

Russia has taken center stage in American political discourse after the death of a prominent opposition figure there, putting congressional Republicans under increased pressure to support Ukraine.



Suspected of being a radical, Ustaz Syafiq Basalamah’s gathering in East Java dispersed

GP Ansor (the youth organization of Nahdlatul Ulama) and Banser (GP Ansor's civilian security guards) dispersed Ustaz Syafiq Riza Basalamah's pengajian (religious gathering where Muslims study the Quran) at the Assalam Purimas Mosque, Gunung Anyar, Surabaya, East Java, Thursday (22/2).





Consistently upgrading herself

As an actress and also a mother of two children (aged 8 and 2), Nagita Slavina is well aware of the importance of a child’s nutritional intake, during the first 1,000 days of life, from early pregnancy to the child’s second year. In other words, an expectant mother must prepare nutritional intake for her child during the pregnancy stage. Adequate nutrition is critical for a child’s development, particularly for brain intelligence, allowing children to grow smarter and more prepared to face future challenges, filled with technological advancements. 

Cast as Roekiah, the Indonesian diva

Animal welfare is crucial

The loss of a Sufi writer

To raise the Indonesian flag on Aconcagua


Some Thoughts on the Film: Eksil

The film Eksil or’ The Exiles’ has been playing in Indonesian cinemas recently. It was directed and produced by Lola Amaria who also co-wrote the screenplay together with Gunawan Rahardja. The two-hour film won the best documentary film award during the 2023 Indonesian Film Festival.


Jokowi inaugurates Makassar New Port, the second largest seaport in the country

Makassar New Port (MNP) is the second largest seaport in Indonesia after Tanjung Priok Port in Jakarta. It was inaugurated by President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo on Thursday (22/2).


A total of 13 world leaders have congratulated Prabowo for his election victory

As of today, Wednesday (21/2), presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto has received congratulations from 13 state leaders. Prabowo-Gibran pair is leading the quick count and ongoing real count by the General Elections Commission (KPU).


Savings program for the golden years

The Indonesian population of the elderly is expected to increase, along with a rise in their rate of poverty. The Old Age Security (JHT) and Pension Guarantee (JP) programs, which serve as savings programs for workers during retirement and old age, are not functioning properly, on account of legal substance and structural issues.



Again, Herbalife Holds National Breakfast Week in 150 Cities

Herbalife, a leading company and community in the world that is actively building the public health and fitness movement is again holding various series of activities as a form of support for the 2024 National Breakfast Week (“Pekan Sarapan Nasional-PESAN”) campaign, which was initiated by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia since 2013. This is the 9th National Breakfast Week campaign that Herbalife supports through a series of educational activities for the community, including sharing information about the importance of a healthy nutritious breakfast, sports activities, and healthy breakfasts together.