Ellaya’s “Classy Elegancy” at 2024 Indonesia Fashion Week


Jakarta, IO – Following a successful fashion show of its collections’ at the 2024 Indonesia Fashion and Aesthetic (IFA), Ellaya is back, to accentuate its position in Indonesia’s fashion industry, by participating in the 2024 Indonesia Fashion Week (IFW), from March 27 to 31, at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Jakarta.

Ellaya unveiled its current collection, “Classy Elegancy”, which embodies the confidence, independence, and strength of Indonesian women. Classy Elegancy arises elegantly, like exquisite flowers reflecting the natural beauty of their wearers. Ellaya’s current collection’s details appear more appealing as it skillfully integrates black, gold, and broken white painting and bead embellishments. Numerous abayas, dresses, blazers, and pants featuring jacquard, lace, cotton, and linen materials, all captivating fashion enthusiasts.

Indonesia Fashion Week
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Ellaya’s designs in A-line, fit & flare, and H-line shapes are available for those who wish to celebrate Eid al-Fitr in comfortable and soft clothing designs ideal for the entire family.

Hundreds of fashion designers and exhibition participants joined the 2024 IFW, which upheld the “Langgam Jakarta Teranyam” theme as an appreciation of Betawi culture. The 2024 IFW aims to capture the essence of unity and diversity through fashion. “At the 2024 Indonesia Fashion Week, Ellaya’s presence is inspired by various cultural blends, such as Arabic, Malay, and, of course, Indonesian traditions. Indonesia Fashion Week always highlights the beauty of Indonesian textiles. This year, Ellaya proudly participates in this event and strives to become a local brand appropriate to represent the nation globally,” said Happy Jehan, Founder of Ellaya.

Indonesia Fashion Week
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Early this year, Ellaya introduced its Ellaya Raya Series, featuring the Flowery Retro and Raya Collection with their elegant and beautiful floral designs.
The first collection by Ellaya was inspired by the beauty and exoticism of Morocco. The beautiful cities of Morocco, such as Rabat, the Red City Marrakech, and Casablanca, inspired Ellaya’s innovative and beautiful fashion designs. Ellaya’s warm selection of colors that match the city’s mood and character invites women to express themselves.

“I hope the public and fashion enthusiasts will welcome Ellaya at the 2024 IFW and put Ellaya at the top of their minds, making Ellaya their first fashion choice. Not only that, but I also hope that Ellaya will create opportunities and develop SMEs. We seek to benefit everyone and contribute to prospering the Indonesian fashion industry,” Jehan concluded. (des)