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A healthy and thrifty hangout spot


Jus Kode

Jakarta, IO – The nation’s customarily thrifty place to hang out usually involves an instant noodle warung or booth. Built modestly, some Warmindos (instant noodle booths) are equipped with internet connections. Different from Warmindo, Jus Kode stands out with its food and drink offerings at affordable prices, along with a comfortable place to hang out. 

At a glance, Jus Kode, with its two-story industrial-looking cafe, appears to be a premium hangout spot. Seating areas in an air-conditioned room on the ground floor are available for those who look for a cool area, while open seating is provided on the upper floor. 

This light green-themed café is frequently busy with young visitors. I discovered that Jus Kode has also opened several branches in numerous locations throughout Jakarta and the city’s neighboring areas. This cafe is a young people’s favorite as it provides an affordable gathering spot. Jus Kode wins the positive reviews, as visitors can stay, eat, and drink comfortably without spending too much money. The drinks and food are also really tasty. 

The most recently-opened Jus Kode in Jakarta is located in the Pos Pengumben area of West Jakarta. This juice shop is situated in a former restaurant building. Although some construction workers are still completing work on the front part, the café is now open to customers. 

The regular-size tamarillo juice. (Source: Caecilia Linggarjati)

On rainy days and before Iftar (breaking the fast time), the café is naturally quiet. At the moment, only one table was occupied, occupied by a mother and her two children. 

It’s interesting to look at the tables in the café. Apart from simple furniture for two, there are also long tables that can seat a large group. These are equipped with power outlets for everyone sitting there. 

I was offered local fruit juices, including avocado, dragonfruit, soursop, and tamarillo juices. Other fruits are either not yet available or off-season. 

The women behind the ordering counter suggested I have avocado juice, but I opted for tamarillo instead. I had just had an avocado juice yesterday. I wonder if they can really make good-tasting tamarillo juice, as the fruit is extremely sour in nature. Will the tamarillo be ripe enough to make great juice? 

My order was finally ready when they called me by my name to fetch my juice from the counter. The size of the juice glass overwhelmed me the most. Jus Kode’s regular-size juice glass is bigger than a regular juice cup. 

Jus Kode
The front part of Jus Kode. (Source: Caecilia Linggarjati)

Surprisingly, the juice tasted good, with enough sweetness and perfect consistency. It was truly appetizing with its vibrant color and the right amount of sourness! The jumbo-size juice costs IDR 15,000, while the regular is only IDR 12,000. 

Apart from juices, Jus Kode also offers coconut drink, orange coconut drink, and mixed fruit and milk drinks for iftar. If you are hungry, you may order toast, karage chicken rice, fried cassava and assorted instant noodle soups in regular or large portions. 

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Foods cost less than IDR 20,000! My tamarillo juice and cheese toast only cost IDR 30,000. Other places cannot get any cheaper than this! 

The highly affordable Jus Kode saves everyone the hassle of making their own juice, as it tastes great and is fresh too. (Caecilia Linggarjati)


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