Monday, February 17, 2020 | 22:57 WIB

A test for the president

IO - Early last year, in the wake of Indonesia's hotly contested presidential race, scores of protestors filled the streets of Jakarta and elsewhere.  Many accused the government of being behind a rigged election.  

Making public transportation a national strategic public service program

IO - “Buy the Service” (BTS) is a system that can be applied to operate buses with service specifications, both in terms of quantity and quality. The government will pay operators based on tariffs for...

Magiconomics and Presidential Instruction: Conflicting messages?

IO - The Rupiah exchange rate has been strengthening since the end of 2018; even though it fell all the way to IDR 15,253.00 per USD on 11 October 2018, the Rupiah rallied to...

Asabri Flickering

IO - Asabri's money might be easier to recover than Jiwasraya's money.Asabri has a strong backup. There is no need to point the gun at anyone’s forehead. Also, there is...

Looking at Indonesian “Magiconomics”

IO - “Magiconomics” is a term of economic policy that can break down economic theories in general. Indonesian Magiconomics is an abracadabra economic policy that has been implemented in Indonesia in recent years.

Jokowi’s big idea

IO - During his first five years in office, President Joko Widodo, or Jokowi as he is more commonly referred to, staked his reputation and chances for earning a second term in the palace by...

National HSE Day: don’t end up just by celebrating it

IO - 12 January 2019 is celebrated as National Work Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Day. It is followed by the implementation of HSE Month (12 January-12 February) as part of the effort to socialize...

Notes from 1993

IO - Soon after she was appointed the Minister of Finance in March 1993, the late Marie Muhammad asked me, before some of our close friends, whether the debts that Indonesia had taken out...

Dream of a million

IO - I was surprised when receiving a WA message from a good friend which informed us that the government has a target of producing 1 million barrels of crude oil/day.

Indonesian Economy: destructive magiconomics

IO - The suffix "-nomics" is used to refer to the economic policies of a country's leader. Reaganomics refers to US President Ronald Reagan's economic policies when he was in office, from 1980-1988. At that...