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“Mosques will become centers for community empowerment”


Addin Jauharudin, National Chairman of PB Ansor

Jakarta, IO – The Ansor Youth Movement (GP Ansor) expresses its commitment to expanding social movements through empowering mosques. “Mosques and mushola (prayer area) should not only become a place to improve spirituality but also a center for community empowerment,” said National Chairman of GP Ansor Addin Jauharudin. 

Addin was thrilled to welcome GP Ansor’s collaboration with ice cream producer AICE to bring more joy in the holy month of Ramadan. The collaboration includes charity events for orphans and the commemoration of Nuzulul Quran (the Night of the Quran). 

“The collaboration with AICE is concrete proof that GP Ansor is making social movements starting from the mosques. Later, mosques will become centers for community empowerment,” Addin told reporters on Thursday (Mar 28) when talking at the press conference of AICE Indonesia themed “From AICE Indonesia to Our Loved Ones”. 

On this occasion, AICE provides social assistance to orphans with break-the-fast packages. Addin said this empowerment would reach thousands of mosques and mushola throughout Indonesia. 

Addin hopes this activity will not only become a routine distribution of assistance packages but also represent GP Ansor’s efforts to improve community welfare through social acceleration. 

AICE’s Senior Manager of Digital Marketing Agus Sumarna stated that with the campaign “From AICE Indonesia to Our Loved Ones”, AICE Indonesia hopes to make a positive contribution to society. Agus believed that AICE’s success was due to the trust given by its consumers. Therefore, this Ramadan, AICE wants to present festive moments by sharing them with its loved ones – AICE consumers. 

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AICE has always been committed to making positive contributions to society. In its Ramadan campaign, AICE prepares ice cream products, which are not only delicious but also healthy and halal, as snacks for iftar (a meal to break the fast). 

“This event allows us to share happy moments with our loved ones, which is our consumers who trusted AICE so it can be the number one ice cream brand in Indonesia,” said Agus. This event took place on Thursday, Mar 28, 2024, or 17 Ramadan 1445 H, and featured al-Quran reading competition and an Islamic lecture by Gus Mahrus. (rp)


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