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Thudong, the long-distance walk ritual in the footsteps of the Buddha

In recent weeks, the Indonesian public has been amazed by the presence of more than two dozens of monks who stopped by a number of cities in their spiritual journey that began on March 23.

Five dining places in Jakarta with rustic atmosphere

The hustle and bustle of big city life in Jakarta is one of the factors that can cause stress. Thus, every once and a while, one needs to let their hair down. One needs not go far to enjoy a calm, serene atmosphere because these tranquil dining places ade bound to give you a peace of mind.

Traditional clothes made by vocational school student from Kudus showcased in HK Fashion Week

Efi Afifah, 17, a vocational high school (SMK) student from Kudus exhibited her work at the 2023 Hong Kong Fashion Week. Her participation in the prestigious event started with Modest Young Design Competition (MYDC) in Jakarta on March 8-11. Of the 374 participants, she managed to get into the top 10.

Solo named third most affordable city for accommodation in Asia Pacific

The city of Solo is ranked third as the destination with the most affordable accommodation in the Asia Pacific according to Agoda survey in April. This position also makes the Central Java city the most affordable destination in Indonesia.

Voice of the Ukrainian People reflected in mini exhibition at European Town Square Festival

The display of seven works by Ukrainian artists gave distinct color to the European Town Square Festival at Plaza Sudiman, Jakarta, Saturday (6/5).

Angke Mosque, the epitome of cultural diversity and acculturation

As the most populous Muslim-majority country, Indonesia holds traces of the history of Islamic civilization. They take various forms, ranging from the culture that is rooted in the community to ancient mosques that still stands today.

Savanna and Wildlife, the sensation of doing safari in Baluran

Observing the behavior of various protected wildlife in the morning is a fun activity. Moreover, in Indonesia there are many national parks that are rich in biodiversity, one of which is Baluran National Park.

Getting to know the happiest tribal group in eastern Indonesia

As an archipelagic country, Indonesia has diverse customs and cultures. Not only in the form of arts and foods, it also has many tribal groups with their own distinctive characteristics.

Snorkeling at Menjangan Island underwater paradise

Menjangan Island is a feast for the eyes of travelers to Banyuwangi Regency, East Java. After indulging in the natural beauty of “the Land of Blambangan,” tourists can enjoy the beautiful expanse of coral on the island that lies in the Strait of Bali.

Tracing the footsteps of a great ulema at Buya Hamka Museum

As a philosopher and great scholar, Prof. Dr. H. Abdul Karim Amrullah Datuk Indomo, popularly known as Buya Hamka has left many outstanding legacies that are not only known domestically but also internationally.

The ritual of Seba, the Baduy tribe’s tradition of walking tens of km

The Baduy natives will hold the annual Seba ritual at the end of this month when they will walking tens of kilometers to stay in touch with government leaders, reported Suara, Wednesday (26/4). The unique tradition, which has been observed since the era of the Banten Sultanate, always steals the spotlight.  The Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry (Kemenparekraf) confirmed that the ritual will be held on April 27-30 at the townhall of Lebak Regency, Banten.

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