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With 46 Malay Royal Sites, Penyengat Island is a Cultural Heritage Zone

Penyengat Island in the Riau Archipelago is designated a cultural heritage zone by the Agrarian and Spatial Planning Ministry.

Only Two in the World, Getting to Know the Red Church in Probolinggo City

Probolinggo City, East Java, has a unique historic religious tour, namely the Red Church of which there are only two in the world.

Indonesia holds “Know Indonesia Better” festival in Thailand to promote culture and tourism

The Indonesian Embassy in Bangkok, in collaboration with a number of agencies and associations, held the Indonesia Fair 2023 at Central World Mall, Bangkok. The exhibition themed "Know Indonesia Better" aims to promote Indonesian culture and tourism.

Festival Alur Bunyi 2023: Mixed-genre music from ‘Frau’ Piano Pop to ‘Munhajat’ Dangdut

Sound is the essence of music. Different sounds merge and create the rhythm that we hear today. Starting with sound, the Goethe-Institut Indonesien is again presenting Festival Alur Bunyi 2023 which celebrates local musicians as well as breaking the boundaries between musical genres. In its second year, the festival presents ten artists from diverse genres, ranging from electronic, classical, jazz, folk, disco and even punk and dangdut.

“Elegi Buih” exhibition invites visitors to “grieve” together in many different ways

Everyone can grieve in their own way, said curator Stella Wenny. She gathered eight artists to interpret the theme of grief that humans go through through the exhibition titled 'Elegi Buih' by Art Agenda.

Satay named one of the most popular foods in the world by World or Statistics

Satay (grilled skewered meat), a popular dish in Indonesia makes it to the list of the most popular foods in the world according to the World of Statistics. It ranks 53rd out of 55.

Government Proposes Reog Ponorogo as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

Coordinating Human Development and Culture Minister Muhadjir said the traditional masked dance from East Java has been shortlisted and will be decided at UNESCO meeting next year, per CNNIndonesia, Friday (25/8).

Reminiscing Indonesian Art Scene through “Piknik 70-an”

One cannot help but feel amazed at seeing the dozens of works of art from the 1970s being exhibited at the National Gallery, Wednesday (9/8). The artists are so good at expressing their thoughts in works that feel free, critical as well as aesthetic.

Involving 700 Karawitan artists, Yogyakarta Gamelan Festival to be held at end of August

Yogyakarta Gamelan Festival (YGF) is going to be held again this year, from August 20-26.

Ambon Guitar Monument, Instagramable spot that symbolizes the World Music City

Featuring a unique shape, the guitar monument in the city of Ambon is the only and most special monument in the capital of Maluku province. It has become a symbol of Ambon as the City of World Music. The monument stands tall, surrounded by a fountain complete with the inscription Pattimura Park in the background. The fountain will light up in the evening with its colorful illumination. The monument surface also features graffiti which adds to its artistic elements.

Indonesia Miniature Park to be built in Poland, expected to become a popular attraction

Miroslaw Wawrowski, Indonesian honorary consul in Gdansk, Poland, inaugurated the Bentar Temple which also marked the construction of Taman Mini Indonesia at the Dolina Charlotty resort. The park aims to strengthen tourism and economic cooperation between Poland and Indonesia.

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