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Indonesia’s first batch of Hajj pilgrims ready to depart

A total of 393 hajj pilgrims in the first kloter (flight group) from Jakarta and Banten arrive in several buses at Pondok Gede Hajj Dormitory at 8am and 1pm WIB, Jakarta, Tuesday (23/5).

End of the road for Gunung Agung bookstore

Jakarta, IO - Visitors browse the books being sold at Gunung Agung bookstore booth, Jakarta, Monday (22/5). This legendary bookstore, established since 1953, is reportedly laying off hundreds of its employees and would close all...

Enjoying the festivity of Lebaran Betawi at the National Monument

Crowds watch the Palang Pintu art performance during Lebaran Betawi celebration at the National Monument (Monas), Jakarta, Sunday (21/5).

The festive atmosphere of 2023 Sea Games athletes parade

The atmosphere of the 2023 Sea Games athlete parade at Hotel Indonesia (HI) Roundabout, Jakarta, Friday (19/05).

Greenville Farm, the largest greenhouse in Jakarta

Workers grow vegetables using the hydroponic system at Greenville Farm, West Jakarta.

E-TLE not yet effective, Jakarta Police to issue manual tickets

Jakarta Metropolitan traffic policeman issues manual tickets to motorists caught committing traffic violations at Hotel Indonesia (HI) roundabout, Jakarta, Wednesday (17/5).

Angke Natural Tourism Park, huge swathes of mangrove forest in North Jakarta

Angke Nature Park is one of the conservation areas located in Jakarta and is one of the areas that serves as "city lungs" for the metropolitan city. As a tourist destination amid the concrete jungle, this nature tourism park also functions as a recreational site. This is also supported by its natural coastal ecosystem.

The noble value behind “Pacu Jawi” festival

The famous bull race tradition is not just known in Madura, East Java, but also West Sumatra. If it is known as Karapan Sapi in Madura, the Minangkabau version is called Pacu Jawi.

Commemorating the 25th year of Trisakti tragedy

A group of Trisakti University students took part in the commemoration of Trisakti tragedy at the May 12th Tragedy Monument, Trisakti University, Jakarta, Thursday (11/5).

Awyu tribe express their aspiration to protect customary forests

Representatives of the indigenous Awyu tribe from Boven Digoel regency, South Papua together with the Save Papua Customary Forest Coalition held a peaceful demonstration in front of the State Palace, Jakarta, Thursday (11/5).

Impeded by land acquisition, Ciliwung waterway completion delayed

The scene at the Ciliwung River waterway (sodetan) construction in Kebon Nanas, East Jakarta, Wednesday (10/5).

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