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Chinese tourist slips and fall to her death into a ravine while trying to pose for picture


Jakarta, IO – HL (31), a Chinese national, died while visiting the Ijen Crater Nature Tourism Park (TWA), East Java, Saturday (20/4) after she fell to the ravine, estimated to be more than 100 meter deep, in the scenic spot.

An eye witness said that HL fell because she tripped after she stepped onto the long skirt she was wearing while taking photos on the edge of the cliff, per Kompas, Tue (23/4).

Guswanto, the tour guide who accompanied HL, said she was traveling with her husband at the time of the incident. They wished to capture a dramatic scene of sunrise from above the cliff.

“They took turns taking photos. At first the husband took photos alone, then the wife followed suit,” said Guswanto.

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He explained that initially the victim took photos from around 2 to 3 meters away from edge. However, the victim stepped back to be closer to the wooden structure behind her and to take a better shot of the sunrise. That was when the tragic accident happened.

“I immediately went down and called the monitoring post for help,” said Guswanto. (un)


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