Karina Sánchez Sharing Tequila Knowledge with the World, the Woman Behind Don Julio


Jakarta, IO – PT Langgeng Kreasi Jayaprima (DIAGEO), through one of its leading brands, Don Julio, today welcomes Karina Sánchez, the Global Don Julio Tequila Ambassador, to the Soft Launch of Don Julio 1942 in Indonesia. This marks Karina’s first visit to Indonesia and Asia as part of a regional launch tour in Southeast Asia. The launch exclusively involves partners such as key distributors, outlets, and selected audiences, providing Karina Sánchez an opportunity to share her inspiration and passion for tequila, particularly Don Julio 1942.

Currently, Karina Sánchez engages with customers, bartenders, and consumers from around the world to introduce the story of Don Julio Tequila. As a tequila master and initiator behind the first National Tequila Day celebration in Mexico, Karina imparts knowledge to industry professionals and consumers about the unique craftsmanship and flavour profile of Don Julio 1942.

“We are delighted to welcome Karina Sánchez as a recognized and experienced figure in this industry. This is a great opportunity to interact directly with Karina, discuss various aspects of expertise, and share her experiences and knowledge about tequila,” said Alefiyah Sarma, President Director PT Langgeng Kreasi Jayaprima.

In Mexico, tequila is more than just a beverage; it represents deep roots in culture and plays an important role in the country’s history and traditions. The tequila culture goes beyond the production process and encompasses rituals, celebrations, and social gatherings where tequila takes a central role. Tequila is often associated with celebrations, fiestas, and other special events, symbolising joy, brotherhood, and togetherness.

Understanding the world of tequila poses a unique challenge in the alcoholic beverage industry. Besides having passion, the key aspect to consider in this industry is to hold on to its core values. Tequila production involves a distinctive blend of art and science, where expertise and knowledge play an equally important role as the process itself. “For Indonesia, tasting and pairing with a beverage like whisky may already be common, but with tequila, this might be the first time I introduce it as a Master of Tequila,” said Karina Sánchez, Global Don Julio Tequila Ambassador.

Don Julio was founded by Julio González in 1942 in Jalisco, Mexico. He was an agave farmer with a vision to create tequila through a meticulous production process to achieve high- quality tequila. Don Julio González understood that to make tequila, the finest ingredients were necessary, which is why he had his own agave fields and only cultivated manually harvested and carefully selected blue Weber agave. The tequila distillation process is carried out with traditions and techniques that have been perfected over the years.

One of Don Julio’s flagship tequila variants is Don Julio 1942, an alcoholic beverage with a 40% ABV content that offers a distinct flavour and quality compared to other types of tequila. This tequila is distilled from 100% blue Weber agave, without the addition of sugar, to maintain the purity of its taste. After the distillation process, the tequila is aged in wooden barrels for two and a half years, allowing sufficient time for the tequila to develop and acquire its unique characteristics.

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Don Julio 1942 is truly unique. It was first released in 2002 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Don Julio brand and is considered a tribute to its founder, Don Julio González, who began the production of exceptional high-end tequila at a distillery named “La Primavera.” The design of the Don Julio 1942 bottle also became the first unique design produced by a tequila brand.

As part of DIAGEO Global, Don Julio has built a solid reputation in the alcoholic beverage industry for the past 80 years and is known for producing high-quality tequila. In Indonesia, there are currently several variants available, including Blanco, Reposado, Anejo, and, of course, Don Julio 1942, in the Don Julio product range. Customers and consumers can exclusively find Don Julio 1942 at selected outlets in Jakarta and Bali. (des)