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Getting to know the oldest mosque in Bandung City


Jakarta, IO – Bandung City has a mosque with a unique name. Situated in Mama Winata alley, Cihampelas, its name, Mungsolkanas, is actually an acronym of Sundanese words “Mango Urang Solawat ka Nabi SAW” (Let’s pray to the prophet SAW).

It comes from the philosophy in the book of Tankibulkaul which says that everyone who reads and offers prayers of the Prophet SAW will have their prayers answered, per


Not only is the name unique, the mosque is also the oldest in Bandung. Established in 1869, it had modest beginnings with wooden structure. Based on several historical records, the mosque wad built on land donated by Zakaria’s grandmother Lantenas, the widow of R. Suradipura, Lengkong Sukabumi district head who died in 1869. The land was handed over to Kyai Abdurohim or Raden Suradimaja, better known as Mama Aden.


Over time, the mosque underwent changes and renovations in 1930, coinciding with the construction of the Cipaganti Grand Mosque. Extensive restoration was conducted in 1994.

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Nevertheless, it still maintains some of its original elements, including the stone inscription of the beginning of construction which can be found at the entrance. Also, the first Quran used by the mosque is stored in a glass cabinet on the second floor.


Today, the Mungsolkanas Mosque that can accomodate up to 300 people is still visited by many worshipers, especially during Ramadan for tarawih (night prayer performed during the fasting month of Ramadan). (bp)


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