Authentic Balinese cuisine at Made’s Warung Jakarta


Jakarta, IO – The famed diner known for its unabashedly traditional dishes from the Isle of the Gods, Made’s Warung, opens its second branch in Jakarta. The new branch, whose core concept is “togetherness”, is located in the new “Batavia” floating culinary hotspot in Pantai Indah Kapuk (“PIK”).

This romantic seaside gem will give you a coastal holiday vibe like what you’d ordinarily find in Bali, as its classical villa interior warmly welcomes you with its wooden decks, rattan chairs, and rustic carvings.

Jakarta has a fair share of Balinese restaurants. However, Made’s Warung prides itself in its authentic, traditional taste that does not need to be fused with that of any other cuisine. “In other words, everything – the ingredients, the seasonings, the cooking methods – are all original Balinese,” declares Hanny, the Group Marketing Head of the Taurus Gemilang (“TG”) Group that manages the restaurant.

“Maintaining the authenticity of taste is, of course, a challenge for any new branch. Therefore, our principals from Bali train the core team members thoroughly before releasing them to serve in Jakarta. In fact, for the first two weeks of operations, the Balinese chefs actively participated in the daily routine, to ensure consistency to the original taste,” reported Budi Purnomo, TG Group CEO.

Made’s Warung now has two outlets in Jakarta. The first one, located in Plaza Senayan, is intended to accommodate local office workers who love Balinese food but cannot consume pork. On the other hand, the one in the Batavia of Pantai Indah Kapuk is a family restaurant that caters to the North Jakarta families that do not have religious restrictions about eating pork.

“After we performed our market research of Batavia in particular and PIK in general, we concluded that our target clientele would not have any problem about consuming pork. Therefore, we can serve authentic Balinese dishes, including pork ones, in peace,” Budi added.

Whether you’re a first timer or a former happy client of Made’s Warung in Bali, now you don’t have to cross all the way to the island just to get a taste of original Balinese cuisine. You will find the chain’s exclusive dishes at the Batavia PIK branch, including nasi campur babi guling (pork rotisserie mixed rice), nasi goreng babi bumbu Bali (pork fried rice with Balinese seasonings), crispy pork belly, and even babi genyol, chewy braised pork steak seasoned Balinese style.

warung made
Made’s Warung Batavia PIK interior, evoking the nuance of a classic Balinese villa with its wooden deck, rattan chairs, and rustic carvings. (Source: Special)

“That’s not the full extent of the delights in our menu. We also have non-pork delicacies, such as bebek betutu (banana leaf-wrapped duck), bebek goreng ala Made (‘Made-style fried duck’), and all other authentic Made Warung dishes. For example, you can have a nasi goreng gado-gado, where we serve fried rice and vegetable salad with peanut sauce in one plate,” bragged TG Group Head Chef, I Wayan Sukasta. “To underscore our pride in the authenticity of our products, Made’s Warung also serves genuine Balinese arak,” he added.

Enjoy a festive communal meal by ordering the Megibung Karangasem special dish. It is inspired by the megibung tradition in Bali, where people eat together from a huge dish or tray filled with large portions of different dishes, so that everyone enjoys variety all at once.

Corral all your family members, friends, colleagues, and business partners together for this spectacular pork festival! The Megibung package comprises five pork dishes, rice, vegetable dishes like urap and kuah iga pepaya (“ribs in papaya broth”), and of course, a variety of delectable sambals! They have sambal matah, sambal mbe, and sambal merah all set to evoke your appetite.

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Naturally, delectable dishes are incomplete without equally delightful drinks. Look forward to the opening of the Made’s Warung Batavia PIK Bar in September! It also looks out to the sea and will serve great beverages, ranging from sophisticated premium wines to rustic Balinese arak-based cocktails – as well as pure arak itself!

Find meaningful meals based on authentic Balinese dishes right here in Batavia, PIK! (des)