Thursday, September 28, 2023 | 09:12 WIB

Ukraine Envoy: Chairil Anwar’s poem means a lot for Ukraine



“Today, I am so happy to see that the seats in this grand theater are filled,” said Oktavianus.

Theatrical figure Jose Rizal Manua first came on stage to read Chairil Anwar’s poem entitled “Persetujuan dengan Bung Karno.”

His loud voice echoed, his face expression changed instantly when he started the first sentence of the post-Independence poem.

“Let’s go! Bung Karno offers his hand, let’s make a promise. Bung Karno! You and I are one substance, one vein. In your substance, in mine, our ships sail. In your veins, in my veins, our ships depart and anchor.”

A number of events followed in a row, from the pantomime of Chairil’s poems to musicals.


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