Ukraine Envoy: Chairil Anwar’s poem means a lot for Ukraine


On the occasion, Hiamianin also read out “Karawang-Bekasi.” Head of the event committee, Oktavianus Maseka, told that this event arose from a question posed by H.B Jassin documentation committee about what literary activities to be held this month.

An idea to commemorate Chairil Anwar came up because H.B Jassin was said to be renowned due to criticism and advice from Chairil and vice versa.

Since 18.30 WIB, hundreds of people began to arrive, a large pamphlet with a portrait of Chairil Anwar was plastered at the entrance of the theater where the event was being held.

Visitors came from various walks of life, age and regions, even a number of authors, staff from the Jakarta Culture Agency to Chairil’s only child from his wife Hapsah, Evawani Alissa.