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Ukraine Envoy: Chairil Anwar’s poem means a lot for Ukraine



Chairil Anwar was born in Medan on July 26, 1922 and died in Jakarta on April 28, 1949 at a relatively young age (27 years old) due to lung and intestinal illness. During his life as an artist, Chairil Anwar was known as a literary pioneer of the ‘1945’ Generation with Asrul Sani and Rivai Apin.

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Chairil is estimated to have written 96 literary works, including 70 poems. He became known to the public after the publication of his poem entitled Nisan in 1942, when he was 20 years old. His monumental works include the poems Aku, Derai-Derai Cemara, Diponegoro, Senja di Pelabuhan Kecil, and Doa. (Ricardo Ronald)


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