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Ukraine Envoy: Chairil Anwar’s poem means a lot for Ukraine


Jakarta, IO – Ukrainian Ambassador to Indonesia Vasyl Hamianin revealed that the Ukrainian people are familiar with Chairil Anwar’s poems, especially war-themed ones like “Karawang-Bekasi” and “Aku.”

“I am happy to be at this event, one year ago in Ukraine we also celebrated 99 years of Chairil Anwar, many people were present at that time. We read his poetry and it continues to make an impression on us. Today all Ukrainians feel like wild animal,” said Hamianin referring to a phrase used in the poem, at a centennial commemoration of Chairil Anwar at the Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM) theater on Monday (26/7) night.

Hamianin said Chairil’s poems are the doorway to global literary culture. He even pointed out that there is a street in Ukraine named after Chairil Anwar.

“Last year, we immortalized Chairil Anwar as name of street in Ukraine. This is so that the Ukrainian people know who he is. He was active, young and his poetry remains powerful,” said Hamianin.


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