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Rojiro Cafe and Resto: Delicious coffee with a strong aroma


IO – Hanging out in cafes has become a lifestyle nowadays, especially among young people or Millennials. At a cafe, we can also work in front of a laptop, while enjoying delicious coffee and café-style snacks. One of the choices for fun places with family, friends, and business partners is at Rojiro Cafe and Resto. Its strategic location is between Jalan Raya Bogor, Cibubur, and Depok, precisely on Jl Radar Auri, Depok. 

Owner of Rojiro Cafe and Resto Dr. Bayu DS, said that in the Radar Auri to Cibubur areas, there are many housing complexes. Often because of work, residents of the housing estates find it difficult to go to the trouble to receive guests at home, because they have to prepare tea, coffee, and food, and must clean the house so that the house is neater when receiving guests. 

Therefore, they need a place to hang out as well as a place to work and receive guests. “Finally I opened a simple restaurant for meetings and receiving guests. Also suitable for family events, studying together, doing a thesis, relaxing after work, hanging out, and social gathering,” said Dr. Bayu, who is also a natural cosmetics manufacturing businessman. 

Industrial Minimalism. The meaning of Rojiro’s name is inspired by Japan. In Japanese, Rojiro means a garden or tea garden. Rojiro has the meaning of peace and comfort, even though it is crowded and has many people because everyone respects each other. 

Rojiro’s room design concept is unique industrial minimalism. According to the concept, the floor is made of cement which is designed to crack, to make it look natural, a roof without a ceiling that is given a tarpaulin for retaining heat, and a combination of used wood walls that are cut into small pieces. A touch of green paint makes the cafe room design more fresh and natural. 

On the outside, Rojiro also provides Sky Dining, which can carry 12-18 visitors, to hang out at night while eating snacks and drinking coffee. Sky Dining can also be used as a place to celebrate a private birthday with family. As for the indoor cafe room, it can hold 40 visitors. 

Favorite Menu. At Rojiro visitors can enjoy a variety of snacks, coffee, and tea, as well as heavy food a la Rojiro. Indeed, as the name implies, Rojiro not only provides coffee but also tea drinks. Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee are served using espresso, coffee drip, and hot brew techniques, medium to well-done so that strong aromas become the mainstay. 

Favorite coffee menus include Coffee Milk, Avocoffee (a blend of avocado and coffee), and Coffana (banana coffee). Other drinks are Ice and Latte with Cheese, Espresso Coffee Latte, Tubruk Coffee, Ginger Coffee, Drip Coffee, Robusta Espresso Coffee, Espresso Arabica Coffee, Cold Shake Espresso, Steam Coffee, Vietnamese Coffee, Cold White Coffee, and Cappuccino Espresso. 

Tea drinks re processed from selected Indonesian teas. Visitors can enjoy Lemongrass Tea, Tubruk Tea, Cold / Warm Milk Tea, Cold / Warm Sweet Tea, Lemon Tea, Green Tea, and Thai Tea. Chocolate, milk, fruit juice, Wedang, Bandrek, and King Mango drinks are also available. 

Rojiro also provides infusion drinks, such as Orange Infusion, Green Tea Infusion, Red Velvet Infusion, Dark Chocolate Infusion, Kyoho Grape Infusion. Other menus cover Blue Hawaiian drinks, Rojiro Mocktail Cold, and cream drinks, such as Taro Cream, Avocado Cream, Strawberry Cream, and Kiwi Cream. 

For its food menu, Rojiro provides two favorite and recommended menus, namely Oxtail Soup and Chicken Pop Rice Bowl. Other heavy food menus are Fried Rice, Omelette, Chicken Rice, Chicken Satay, East Java Rawon, and Mozzarella Grilled Rice. 

There are not many heavy menus that are served, because Rojiro is indeed more focused on the snack menu. The snack menu provided by Rojiro is healthy because it does not use artificial flavorings such as MSG and coloring agents. One of the favorite snack menus is Rainbow Dimsum, Rojiro Fried Banana, and Thai Cassava. 

Rainbow Dimsum is processed using colors from natural food ingredients such as red from beets, green from green vegetables, and orange from carrots. Another snack that is recommended is Rojiro Fried Banana, which is a banana that is cut into small pieces and fried, then topped with flavors such as chocolate, cinnamon, red velvet, and green tea. 

King Rojiro Roti Bakar is also a favorite of visitors. This Medan typical toast is suitable to be eaten to satisfy the stomach. Unlike other toast, Rojiro toast tastes like pizza, because it is covered in mozzarella cheese, mayonnaise, and sauce. 

Rojiro also provides a Fruit Salad with a mixture of mayonnaise and yogurt, consumed fresh. The menu idea came from Dr. Bayu, which was then given a touch of more delicious taste by the hotel chef. 

Rojiro Coffee and Resto is open from 08.00-22.00 WIB during weekdays, while on weekends the cafe opens from 10:00-23.00 WIB. (Kartika Indah)


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