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Accurate diagnosis increases cure rate


Jakarta, IO – Every year, one million Indonesians choose to seek treatment abroad, spending almost IDR 170 trillion in foreign exchange. Many patients seek healthcare abroad as they distrust local practitioners and want a “second opinion” on their condition. Meanwhile, patients’ need for precision care demands continuous innovation from hospitals – their competitiveness is not limited to patient safety, superior service and sophisticated equipment, but also digitalization, good communication with health workers and the use of artificial intelligence. 

“Currently, the health industry in Indonesia is increasingly required to innovate and develop, to meet the needs of a society that has become very much aware of the importance of health. To upgrade their services, Bethsaida Hospital Gading Serpong has broadened the capacity of its ER and installed more sophisticated equipment. We are here with a new look, to provide comprehensive health services, according to leading health service trends,” declared dr. Pitono Yap, in a media meeting, on Monday (22/4/2024). 

Pitono Yap
dr. Pitono Yap (IO/Esti)

He explained that Bethsaida Hospital is updating its medical facilities and investing in technology to provide more precise and accurate medical diagnoses. “We can therefore expedite patient recovery rates through medical treatment that is appropriate to a given condition. Accurate diagnosis increases cure rates. We have made available the new CT Scan Revolution Apex Elite 512 Slice tool for more accurate diagnosis results and minimal radiation exposure. We are also implementing a clustering system that is centralized in four centers of excellence.” 

Four centers of excellence are the foundation: the Dental Center, Emergency & Heart Attack Center (ER), Women’s Health Center, and Heart & Vascular Center. Each of these has centralized services on one floor. All patient needs, from registration and doctor’s procedures, to pharmacy and payment, are all available on the target center floor. 

Leading-Edge Competency 

On the same occasion, M. Nawawi, President Director of PT Bethsaida Hospital International, explained that the renovation and improvement of facilities carried out was aimed at meeting community needs. “The importance of innovations is made to expedite the process, so that patients may feel more comfortable. With the clustering system, patient privacy is also maintained, because each center has a different floor.” 

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The renovations carried out have been planned with a thorough concept. “The goal is not only aesthetic but also in terms of space function and optimizing circulation, so that patients feel the convenience,” he said. 

He added that Bethsaida Hospital was also increasing the number of health workers, especially sub-specialist doctors, to meet the need for treating increasingly specific diseases. A concerted monitoring and appraisal assures all that the competency of health workers also continues to advance. With all these strategies, it is hoped that those patients who have been seeking treatment abroad will settle instead on treatment in Indonesian hospitals. (est)


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