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Captains of the Indonesian Thomas and Uber Cup team


Fajar Alfian and Apriyani Rahayu, badminton players

Jakarta, IO – Men’s doubles athlete Fajar Alfian and women’s doubles athlete Apriyani Rahayu were chosen as captains of the Thomas and Uber Indonesia team. This selection is based on the voting results of all athlete members of the team. 

Fajar and Apri also expressed their readiness to carry out this task. 

“The duties and responsibilities of being team captain are quite heavy, but when other colleagues entrust us with the duty, we are ready to carry it out,” said Fajar, which Apri agreed with. 

Both Fajar and Apri agree that solidity and cohesiveness are keys to the team’s strength, so they will ensure this is maintained. 

“Cohesiveness and solidarity are the main keys to this team. That is what we will continue to sustain and champion. Communication is also important: how to support us when our friends are playing, when they succeed in scoring points or don’t,” said Apri. 

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“Hopefully we can achieve the best results for the Thomas and Uber Indonesia teams this year,” hoped Fajar. 

The Thomas and Uber Indonesia team departed for Chengdu, China in the early hours of Wednesday, 24 April, boarding a Cathay Pacific Airlines CX798 aircraft and flying via Hong Kong. The Thomas and Uber will be held from April 27 to May 5. (rp)


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