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Open Pit, the perfect post-mining natural beauty


IO – There is no doubt that the Province of the Bangka Belitung Islands (Babel) holds an extraordinary maritime charm. The echoes sound throughout Indonesia and even around the world. Although it was popular as the largest tin producer in Indonesia, the Babel Islands Province changed its image to become one of the provinces with the finest destinations in the archipelago. 

Besides being blessed with beautiful natural scenery, the Babel Islands also store rich agricultural produce. Here, besides agriculture, tin mining is also a primary sector in the economic structure of society. 

The islands, located between Sumatra and Kalimantan, are also known as areas of high tolerance. This can be seen from the many places of worship along the road. So domestic and foreign tourists do not hesitate to visit the islands and still feel safe. 

So far, Babel has utilized the rest of the mine that has been transformed into an epic destination, called “Open Pit”. It is not as famous as Lake Kaolin, but Open Pit imparts a different impression when visiting. 

This destination in East Belitung was once the largest open tin mining in Southeast Asia. Now it is no longer in operation. It is located in the village of Senyubuk Kelapa Kampit, about 60 kilometers from Tanjung Pandan, or about 30 kilometers from the city of Manggar, the capital of East Belitung. 

Open Pit is an area that was used by Australian mining company BHP Billiton (Billiton is the international name of Belitung) (1971-1985) and was later transferred to a German company called Preussag GmbH of Hannover, where they were used as a center for tin mining operations until the end of 1989. 

Open Pit is unique because the area that was once an area of tin mining is a deep mine, not a spray mine like most tin mines in Bangka Belitung. In the Open Pit area, there is a large lake located in a giant basin, as well as a former mining cave. 

Interestingly, before discovering the beauty of Open Pit, you have to track for 30 minutes to enjoy the beauty of this place. During tracking, you will not feel tired, because the breeze from the hill will silence your tiredness. 

After tracking you will be greeted by a large turquoise lake surrounded by beautiful rock. The landscape here is a favorite of landscape photographers. 

The uniqueness of the Open Pit area does not stop there: we can also enjoy the beauty of the underground cave, a former tin mine 676 meters deep. To reach this cave you have to pass a circular path that is quite steep and rocky. 

Like the regions in Indonesia in general, Open Pit is also not free from myth. This lake has a local myth that you can just do while you are here. The myth says, when you succeed in throwing a stone into the lake, what you wish can be fulfilled. 

The disadvantage of Open Pit is that it does not have facilities like other destinations. If the weather is unfriendly it’s better to delay your intention to come here. (Pramitha Hendra)


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