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Tasting Rujak Natsepa made of mixed nutmeg in Ambon Bay


Ambon, IO – If you visit Natsepa Beach in Suli village, Salahutu district, Central Maluku regency, you should not miss Rujak Natsepa. This culinary delight is guaranteed to give you a different sensation. You palate will be pampered with the taste of typical Maluku spices.

That afternoon, the editorial team of, tried to taste the authentic rujak from the island which UNESCO dubbed the Music City of the World. Sellers of this rujak can be easily found along the coast. Uniquely, all of them are women. According to Mama Salampessy, one of the vendors, it is a tradition passed down from generation to generation. Other than Natsepa Beach, there are only two other places that are famed for the rujak, namely Tapal Kuda Beach and Fort Amsterdam.

We ordered a portion from Mama Salampessy. While preparing it, she explained that this rujak is made from a mixture of peanuts, chili, palm sugar, nutmeg, starfruit and pineapple.

“After the seasoning is ready, mix it with jicama, cucumber, kedondong (ambarella), star fruit, papaya, mango, guava and sometimes apple,” said Mama Salampessy.

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The peanut sauce is mixed with palm sugar to make the taste more savory. The addition of nutmeg and star fruit and pineapple are also important ingredients that make the peanut sauce taste unique. Combined with the spicy taste of chili, you will be guaranteed to ask for more.

Are you interested in trying? The price for one portion is only Rp15,000. You can pair it with young coconut while enjoying the scenic Ambon Bay. (rr)


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