Sunday, October 1, 2023 | 06:35 WIB

School instrumental in cultivating sense of tolerance and moderation in the young generation


Jakarta, IO – As a country with diverse ethnicity and religion, it is important that the Indonesian people understand and practice tolerance and moderation in their interaction with other people from different backgrounds.

To produce tolerant and moderate young generation, schools play an instrumental role in shaping their behavior and mindset from an early age, said M. Ilham Saenong, project manager of Creative Youth for Tolerance (CREATE) in a discussion themed “Religious Tolerance and Moderation at Schools” at the National Museum, Thursday (1/12).

According to Ilham, CREATE is a social initiative designed to increase tolerance and respect for diversity in schools through arts and cultural programs. Since 2020, this program has conducted activities to promote tolerance and pluralism in high schools across Indonesia.

Ilham explained that it is very important to build awareness of tolerance in school’s internal management. For example, schools must ensure that the rights of minority students are fulfilled because schools have the obligation to provide appropriate learning and religious facilities for the students.


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