Friday, September 29, 2023 | 01:22 WIB

Govt to provide online learning for children of Indonesian citizens in Malaysia


Jakarta, IO – The Education, Culture, Research and Technology Ministry (Kemendikbud Ristek) reveal that there are 1,173 children of Indonesian citizens (WNI) working in Malaysia who have no access to education.

The ministry’s secretary general Suharti said the government would provide online distance education (PJJ) for them.

“We will ask SIKL (Indonesian School in Kuala Lumpur) to coordinate the initiative,” said Suharti, reported Medcom, Thursday (22/12).

Suharti emphasized that this initiative aims to provide maximum services to Indonesian children in Peninsular Malaysia through a concept similar to Open University (UT), but for a lower grade.

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Suharti revealed that educational services for the children of Indonesian workers in Malaysia are currently not yet optimal because the school’s status is informal.

“The management is haphazard, but it is much better because so far the children have not received any education,” said Suharti. (un)


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