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JOMAN dissolves GP Mania, jabs Ganjar Pranowo as “lacking ideas”


Jakarta, IO – Jokowi Mania Nusantara (JOMAN) volunteer group officially disbanded Ganjar Pranowo Mania (GP Mania) subgroup, its chair Immanuel Ebenezer announced on Thursday (9/2).

“Considering the political dynamics ahead of the 2024 presidential election, we with all respect no longer support Ganjar Pranowo to run,” said Immanuel.

He gave several reasons for the decision. First, the uncertainty surrounding Ganjar’s candidacy. “As Ganjar is yet to be nominated, the public is wondering and confused, especially his supporters. Maybe Ganjar doesn’t want to run,” said Immanuel.

GP Mania
Jokowi Mania Nusantara (JOMAN) officially dissolved Ganjar Pranowo Mania (GP Mania). (IO/Ronald)

Second, Ganjar is deemed unable to convince the people, his supporters and his party to nominate him. Third, there is no “added value” offered by Ganjar both in terms of ideas and programs to develop Indonesia. Fourth, Ganjar is deemed not the right person to succeed President Joko Widodo. Fifth, the public image that Ganjar is trying to build is not genuine.

“The narratives like eating street food, running with the people are actually not appropriate. A leader should be with the people, during good and tough times,” said Immanuel.

GP Mania

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When asked whether his group will support other candidates going forward, Immanuel affirmed but said it has yet been decided. “Wait for another month, we will announce which candidate we support. The points is that he should have good programs and ideas for the progress of Indonesia in the future,” said Immanuel.

Immanuel reiterated that he has no personal problem with Ganjar Pranowo so far and claimed Ganjar has been informed about the dissolution. “I have informed him via WhatsApp. I have no problem with Ganjar,” he said. (rr)


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