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Indonesian scientists claim oldest pyramid is Gunung Padang site


Jakarta, IO – A team of Indonesian scientists claims that the Gunung Padang site in Cianjur, West Java is the oldest known pyramid-like structure in the world, reported Detik Edu. They conveyed this at the autumn meeting in Washington DC, US, four years ago.

At that time, they presented set of data to back up their claim that Gunung Padang is not just a hill but actually an ancient, terraced structures with foundations estimated to be more than 10,000 years old.

“Our study proves that the structure not only covers the top but also encloses the slope covering at least about 15 hectares. The structure goes much deeper,” they wrote.

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They even call it an archaeological miracle because it is described as the largest megalithic site in all of Southeast Asia.

The site was designated a national cultural heritage object in 2022. (un)


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