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“Jogja Cross Culture” keeps the cultural heartbeat alive


Jakarta, IO – 2023 Jogja Cross Culture (JCC) has come and gone! As before, it was arranged in Malioboro, the heart of Yogyakarta’s art and cultural center, on Saturday, (5/20/2023). 

Thousands of visitors, streaming from the local community and abroad, enthusiastically enjoyed the art and cultural offerings at the 2023 JCC event entitled “Tatag, Teteg, Tutug.” 

A percussion performance by Malioboro Percussion opened the Saturday night festivities at Malioboro, with an interesting lightning performance. 

The Head of the Yogyakarta City Culture Office, Yetti Martanti, S. Sos, M.M. (Source: Special)

Head of the Yogyakarta City Culture Office Yetti Martanti, S. Sos, M.M., explained how Jogja Cross Culture is a cross-cultural art event benefiting performing arts technology, sponsored by Yogyakarta’s special fund. 

Yetti went on to confirm that the JCC is an art and culture icon of Yogyakarta, one that provides a broad cross-cultural collaboration. “This is the fifth JCC, and this year, under the Tatag, Teteg, Tutug theme, we celebrate diversity,” said Yetti. 

The 2023 JCC seeks to create a contemplative space for a strong mentality, or “Tatag.” “Teteg” is defined as “resilience” and “consistency”, which will result in completion, or “Tutug,” in carrying out various responsibilities. 

The JCC 2023 event presented creative performances by artists from Yogyakarta and other regions. JCC also involves arts and culture activist communities in fourteen kemantren (districts). 


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