Wednesday, September 27, 2023 | 16:40 WIB

Penny Williams PSM, Australian Ambassador to Indonesia – “We are incredibly proud of our alumni in Indonesia”


Jakarta, IO – Celebrating 70 years of Australian Scholarships in Indonesia, Australian Ambassador to Indonesia Penny Williams PSM hosted the Australian Alumni Gala Dinner in Jakarta, Saturday 20 May. 

More than 750 Indonesian graduates from Australian universities gathered to mark 70 years since the first cohort of Colombo Plan scholarship recipients from Indonesia arrived in Australia. 

Australia’s scholarship program, now called the “Australia Awards”, is the longest-running foreign scholarship program in Indonesia. For seven decades, Australia has partnered with Indonesia to invest in human capital development, respond to social and economic development priorities, and create and maintain enduring ties between Australia and Indonesia. 

“The personal connections made through education are at the heart of our relationship – they are the foundation on which Australia and Indonesia work together to support the stability, security and prosperity of our people and our region,” said Ambassador Penny Williams. 

This year’s Jakarta Gala featured Australian alumni MCs Valerina Daniel and Tommy Tjokro, performances by Yura Yunita and Dian Mega Safitri, a photo exhibition and the announcement of the prestigious Australian Alumni of the Year Awards. 

This year’s Alumni Awards winners are: 

● 2023 Alumni of the Year – Ms Koesmarihati Koesnowarso. A Colombo Plan graduate from the University of Tasmania’s Faculty of Engineering. Koesmarihati is one of the most influential women in the Indonesian telecommunications industry. As the first President Director of Telkomsel, Koesmarihati delivered changes to business regulations that made cell phones more affordable and played a key role in the expansion of the telecommunication network in Greater Jakarta. 


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