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“Embracing Unity through Music”


Jakarta International BNI Java Jazz 2024

Jakarta, IO – Jakarta International BNI Java Jazz Festival 2024 (JJF 2024), one of the most prestigious jazz festivals in Indonesia, returns for its 19th edition on May 24-26, 2024, at the Jakarta International Expo in Kemayoran. This year, with the theme “Embracing Unity through Music”, the festival aims to promote togetherness and unite myriad communities through the universal language of music. 

JJF 2024 will feature a lineup of musicians who will perform on 11 stages. Music enthusiasts can enjoy various genres of music and a kaleidoscope of music and culture as Indonesian and international performers exhibit various musical fusion performances live on stage. 

“We, PT. Java Festival Production, are proud to announce the 19th edition of the Jakarta International BNI Java Jazz Festival this year. With a music festival that combines performances from renowned artists and newcomers, we want to create a harmonious musical spirit. Indonesian and foreign musicians will be able to give their best performances before our loyal audiences, who wish to watch the best shows from their idols or discover new musicians at this event. The lineup of artists and musicians is designed to appeal to everyone, with attendees able to choose what they want to see, based on preference or mood. Therefore, we chose “Embracing Unity through Music” as the tagline to show how we will continue to use this festival to promote unity and togetherness,” proclaimed Dewi Gontha, the President Director of PT. Java Festival Production. 

The festival’s main performers include jazz legends and sensational contemporary musicians, including the 2024 Grammy Award winner, Icelandic jazz singer-songwriter Laufey. American singer-songwriter October London, who signed a contract in 2022 with Death Row Records of Snoop Dog, and the gifted drummer of The Yussef Dayes Experience, known for his innovative style and compositions that break through various musical genres, will also perform at JJF 2024. Legendary trumpeter Randy Brecker will play as a special guest with Scatter The Atoms That Remain, a group led by drummer Franklin Kiermyer with musical director Davis Whitfield that promises a dynamic blend of jazz, funk and hip-hop. Other talented musicians from the industry that will also perform at JJF 2024 include versatile Australian singer-songwriter Rai Thistlethwayte and rising British jazz group Yakul. 

Another newly confirmed musician is Eliane Elias, a Brazilian soprano and pianist and also a Grammy winner known for her energetic performances of Brazilian music and jazz standards and her impeccable technique. 92914 (pronounced: Gu i Gu iL Sa), a South Korean duo who play captivating electronic jazz fusion, will be performing for the first time at this festival. Incognito, who released their latest 19th album, “Into You”, in 2023, will return as a group that music lovers eagerly await at this annual event. Canadian singer-songwriter and multi-platinum award winner Jessie Reyez also joins the lineup. JJF 2024 visitors will also be entertained by American singer-songwriter Joyce Wrice, famous for her powerful songs and soft voice. Her debut album got into Rolling Stone’s list of the Best R&B Albums of 2021. 

Funk group Scary Pockets, known for its upbeat live performances and viral covers of famous songs with funk arrangements and more than 1 million subscribers on its YouTube channel, will also add to the excitement of JJF 2024. Skilled guitarists Thiago Genthil and Leo Amuedo, famous for their expressive playing and perfect technique, will collaborate with Indonesian musicians in JJF 2024. The dynamic sound quality of The Main Squeeze, the high-octane jazz, funk and R&B fusion of Kennedy Administration and the heartfelt lyrics and emotional vocals of Ricky Montgomery are all highly anticipated by JJF 2024 attendees. 

Another Grammy Award-winning musician, Keyon Harrold, known as the “future of the trumpet”, will enliven this festival. The Amy Winehouse Band, the original band of Amy Winehouse, will perform and celebrate Amy’s music, life and legacy on stage. From a neighboring country, Aisha Retno, a young singer-songwriter from Malaysia who also has Indonesian blood, will dazzle the audience with her powerful performance. 

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JJF 2024 visitors can also enjoy the unique collaboration of musicians from various genres and backgrounds on stage, highlighting their respective musical abilities to transcend boundaries, such as Gary Anthony with the Ron King Big Band and Paul Brown with the Ron King Big Band. Brian Bromberg will also play, with the Michael Paulo Band. Brian Simpson will deliver an emotionally moving jazz performance alongside Rebecca Jade and Darryl Walker. In one of the shows, Rebecca Jade, an accomplished singer/songwriter, and Brian will present a special performance, “The Sade Tribute”. 

A lineup of top Indonesian musicians will impress the audience at JJF 2024 with their fantastic performances” Project Pop, ArumtaLa, Allan Andrsn & Key B, Ardhito Pramono, Arya Novanda, Bilal Indrajaya, Casté, Indro Hardjodikoro feat. Indra Qadarsih, KIM (Arsy Widianto, Rachel Rae, Gusty Pratama), Mea Shahira and Mezzaluna, Nadhif Basalamah, Okaay, Rafi Sudirman, Rahmania Astrini, Rimaraay, Warna Reunited, KSP Band, Kurosuke, Adjani feat. Sri Hanuraga, Suara Kayu, Romantic Echoes, Ananda Badudu, IDGITAF, The Lantis, Teddy Adhitya, Dua Empat, Coldiac, Barry Likumahuwa and The Rhythm Service: “Salute The Rollies”. (des)


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