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“Jogja Cross Culture” keeps the cultural heartbeat alive


Malioboro is a prominent cultural and shopping center for tourists, the home of many great artists who have contributed to enriching the city with their art and imagination. Therefore, it is essential to keep the cultural art icon alive and the people’s enthusiasm high. 

“As an art and culture laboratory, Malioboro has captured the dynamics of time; this year, JCC’s concept is “Listening Culture,” with a musical percussion performance as the Festival’s opening, to represent the concept,” explained Yetti. 

Meanwhile, Acting Mayor of Yogyakarta Sumadi added that the theme of JCC 2023, “Tatag, Teteg, Tutug,” mimics the sounds of loud objects colliding and is a Javanese idiomatic expression. “Tatag, Teteg, and Tutug contain a philosophy of hope for everyone to gain artistic experience at this year’s JCC,” said Sumadi. 

Sumadi added that art and culture were the backbone of economic growth, and play a major role in driving the creative economy industry in Yogyakarta. 

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“JCC is a major art and culture event that extends for 1 kilometer along Malioboro Street, presenting a collaborative display of national and international artists,” said Sumadi. 

The JCC event features percussion art from various groups of artists, including 14 kemantren, 3 Sound Artists and the Bedug Beaters. Performers come from the Sapa Aruh Studio, Gunungkidul; the Rampak Anak Negeri art group, Semarang; and the Song Meri Group, Pacitan. 

Percussion performances from Budi Utama High School students also added to the splendor of JCC 2023. The 2023 Jogja Cross Culture (JCC) festivities concluded with the beating of a drum, which also marked the retirement of Acting Mayor Sumadi. 

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Sumadi looked to the participation of all Yogya residents and tourists to support the creative economy industry in the city of Yogyakarta. 

“JCC is expected to be a promotional event and provide attractive opportunities for business people and the public who are concerned with art and culture in Yogyakarta City and the Special Region of Yogyakarta as well,” concluded Sumadi. (des)


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