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Gandaria Indonesian Heritage Cuisine; The pleasure of authentic Indonesian dishes


IO, Jakarta – Sounds cynical, but it is often difficult to trust the authentic Indonesian food to restaurants with luxurious interiors. The reason is, Indonesian specialties are very sensitive and are mostly sold more on the sidewalk restaurants or restaurants that look simple. However, it is different from this one restaurant. Located on Jalan Gandaria, South Jakarta, Gandaria Indonesian Heritage Cuisine indeed relies on Indonesian specialties from various regions. This restaurant carries the concept of simplicity in the interior, which makes this restaurant feel rich with Indonesian nuances.

“The atmosphere offered is deliberately made simple, with wooden chairs and tables that look great so as to make it seem like being at their own home dining table. We also use two main dining rooms which are inside and also outside for guests who want to smoke. This restaurant is deliberately made as comfortable as possible in order to spoil the visitors who come,” said marketing as well as the PR of Gandaria Indonesian Heritage Cuisine.

Armed with previous experience in the F&B business, the management of Gandaria Indonesian Heritage Cuisine deliberately presents a menu of Indonesian specialties because they always focus on restaurants with Asian and Western menus. For the menu presented in this restaurant are the main meals to the original Indonesian dessert menu. For the main food menu there are oxtail soup, kecipir cah shrimp, gado-gado, rendang and various other culinary delights.

“The taste of the Nusantara(Archipelago) cuisine that is served is the taste of home cooking that has existed since ancient times, which was cooked by our parents, then packaged in a modern form in terms of presentation,” said Romy.

“Kecipir (a fruit/plant) Shrimp sauce (cah) is one of our mainstay menus and this menu is also specifically presented to Gandaria Indonesian Heritage Cuisine customers and not in other restaurants because this is one of the typical Indonesian vegetables,” explained Romy.

After ordering several menus, finally the food is ready to be served at the table. We must give them a thumbs up for the speed and accuracy of the staff to ensure the presentation, cleanliness, to the position of the spoon / fork is at the best level. For myself, the food that was quite memorable was the kecipir cah shrimp and oxtail soup, which I was able to relish it all by myself as I deeply enjoyed the taste and also the typical menu served. As a restaurant that serves specifically Indonesian food, it feels like the Independent Observer recommends this place as your weekend destination.

Gandaria Indonesian Heritage Cuisine restaurant is located on Jl. Gandaria 1 No. 8-9, South Jakarta. This restaurant is open every Monday – Sunday starting at 10:00 – 22:00 WIB. If you want to enjoy Indonesian specialties, this is the right choice for you to visit this restaurant on weekends or just for business meetings with colleagues or family. (Aldo)


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