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Lolai Peak in Tana Toraja, a lush land in the clouds


Tana Toraja, IO – Ever imagine standing among puffy white clouds curling at your feet? Doesn’t it feel like you’re a resident of the Heavenly Garden in old tales, or walking in a dream? 

However, this land in the clouds is neither a fairy tale nor a dream. Indonesia has a spot where you literally can walk among the clouds: the Lolai Peak, located in the Hamlet of Lolai, District of Kapalaitu, Regency of North Toraja, South Sulawesi. It is about 15-20 km away from Regency Capital of North Toraja, Rantepao, depending which route you take. To get to Lolai Peak, we can use a motorcycle, a car, or get the pete-pete (local public minibus service) in a 30-45 minute ride. You can get to the site from Rantepao for as little as IDR 20,000.00 by using the pete-pete, while using an ojek motorcycle taxi will cost you IDR 30,000.00-IDR 40,000.00. 

The Beauty of Lolai Peak, Up Close 

Lolai Peak is located 1,300 meters above sea level. The time to enjoy its ethereal clouds is early in the morning: if it rains the previous evening or night, the fleecy white clouds will make a clear appearance. You can see them coming towards you slowly in waves as you stand on the peak, forming a cold, bright carpet that covers your feet and lower legs. When you look up, you notice that it has spread all around you as far as the eye can see. It is exciting and solemn at the same time – something that is both magical and divine at once. 


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