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Karawapop, a heart-shaped lagoon in the cluster of West Papua island


IO – Raja Ampat is indeed a tourist attraction in Eastern Indonesia. The area that is included in West Papua Province is indeed recognized as having beautiful tourist destinations. Like the Wayag Islands, spot habitat for manta rays, and the waters of Misool Island. Interestingly, there are incredible panoramas that you can find on Misool Island. Starting from clear waters, coral reefs, and heart-shaped lakes can be enjoyed on the island bordering the Seram Sea. Located in the South Misool District, this lagoon has heart-shaped features and precisions. This beauty was created from nature and not by human intervention. The location of this lagoon is hidden behind coral cliffs and rocks, beside which there are several green trees growing on top of karst rock islands. With a panorama like this, of course Lake Love Karawapop became a destination that you should visit when traveling to Raja Ampat.

Before finally reaching here, you also have to make several trips using the sea. The people’s port is the main gateway to Misool. By using the ferry (via Sorong) to Yelu Island and changing to a speedboat, you arrive on Toton Island which is part of the Misool district. This ferry trip is only available three times a week. In contrast to the northern part of Raja Ampat, you can go directly everyday by either using air and sea lanes. Just for extra information, to get to Misool there are other alternative travel routes that we can try while hunting photos. Through the Seram Island sea lane, Central Maluku, we can save time in comparison to when going from Sorong.

Although the charm may entice and fascinate you making you reluctant to leave, there are not many tourists who come to this place. You can also enjoy clean and crystal clear waters, along with a sense of responsibility for not leaving any garbage. You can’t enjoy this breathtaking lake view from a low point, because you will only find clear waters. Trekking is an effort that must be taken if you want to see the heart shape of this lake as a whole. Its beauty is indeed something worth fighting for.

Before finally being able to set foot on the hilltop of Karawapop, Misool, you must first pass through two large rocks that form a small tunnel with a path approaching vertical and sharp rocks. The steep hill contours with sharp corals where you have to alternately climb and conquer this field. In some areas, you also have to climb while crawling sideways to reach the top of the hill and witness the beauty of this natural landscape.

Fatigue and pain due to coral scratches pays off when you make it to the top and see a beautiful heart presented by nature to anyone who succeeds to make it here. There are many other destinations that you must visit while in Raja Ampat. Like Laguna Balbulol, in its deep waters you can find many hidden underwater beauty. Also a spot for diving with jellyfish in Karawapop Lake. But don’t worry, the type of jellyfish that is here doesn’t sting. Indeed, the eastern part of Indonesia has a lot of tourism potential that resembles heaven. But not many can enjoy this beauty because the costs are quite high. (Aldo)


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