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Don’t air-dry your laundry above head when in Bali


Jakarta, IO – The island of Bali has customs that are upheld in society. Not only by the natives of Bali, but also outsiders. For you who are planning a vacation or living in Bali, it is important to know and respect the customs. One of them is the prohibition of drying clothes over the head. What’s the reason?

Ida Pedanda Bajing, a Hindu priest from Griya Gunung, Karangasem, said that generally Hindus are only allowed to dry clothes up to a chest level and must not exceed the head, Detik reported on Friday (2/9).

The reason is because in Hinduism the head is a sacred body part while the clothes that have been worn are considered dirty. He continued that the order of the clothing items should also be adjusted, starting from shirt at the top to pants/trousers at the bottom.


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