Citra Kirana, Si.Se.Sa.’s new brand ambassador

citra kirana
Citra Kirana’s demure, elegant, classy image suits Si.Se.Sa.’s vision perfectly, making her the boutique’s optimal Brand Ambassador. (Source: Muara Bagdja)

Jakarta, IO – As the world trembles under a global health threat that even forces the global economy to a halt, Indonesia’s top shari’a-based fashion brand, Si.Se.Sa., struggles to keep their lifelong dream alive. Having recently obtained a co-branding partner license from Swarovski Crystals, wherein they are free to request customized crystal design from the Austrian company to incorporate into their own patterns, Si.Se.Sa. is not allowing the pandemic to deter them from moving forward. 

Si.Se.Sa. Boutique was built to improve the shopping convenience and service for their beloved customers, the Si.Se.Sa. Lovers. It is meant to serve as a one-stop-shopping destination for Shari’a couture, including accessories. 

On 11 July 2022, Si.Se.Sa. introduced model Citra Kirana as their new “Brand Ambassador”. When Si.Se.Sa. founders and sisters Siriz Tentani (Head of Business and Development), Senaz Nasansia (Head of Finance and Marcomm), and Sansa Enandera (Head of Creative) first met her several years ago, they immediately fell in love. Modesty, elegance, demureness, class – they knew immediately that she would be their perfect Brand Ambassador.