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Katchafest, Indonesia’s biggest Reggae Festival – courtesy TT Beach Club


Jakarta, IO – Rising star Cattamaran Beach Club is the most wanted club of its type in Bali. A lot of local and national media even call it the Best Beach Club in Bali – all within a year of its opening. With its sophisticated, elegant architecture framing Pool Party series and Sandikala Majestic events against the white sands, blue waters, and glowing orange sunsets against the backdrop of Melasti Beach, as well as warm yet professional services, it is no surprise that the club is a prima donna amid the many excellent resorts available in Bali. 

“Cattamaran has officially morphed into the Tropical Temptation or TT Beach Club. With a new motto of ‘Simpler Life, Better Experience, Stronger Identity – with the Same Love’, we have implemented innovations while adhering to our commitment to provide amazing, unforgettable experience for our customers – with the same loving touch that only we provide. We hope that the TT Beach Club will maintain its strong identity as a top priority destination when you’re in Bali,” said TT’s Marketing/Branding Manager Gratika. 

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To celebrate its new name and identity, TT Beach Club will be holding Indonesia’s biggest Reggae Festival, the Katchafest, on Saturday, 6 August 2022 on Melasti Beach. With a 10,000 visitor target, like its name, the event is showcasing New Zealand’s reggae sensation Katchafire as the primary performer. Katchafire is a legendary band with five studio albums; multiple awards, platinum sales, and hot singles; with a great fanbase 20 years in the making since its Legacy album debut tour. 

The Archipelago’s top reggae artists Ras Muhamad and Ulu Roots will also perform at the event. (dra)


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