Cianjur earthquake death toll continues to climb

Cianjur earthquake
A powerful 5.6-magnitude quake hit Cianjur, West Java. (Source: BNPB)

Jakarta, IO – The 5.6-magnitude quake with the epicenter in the southwest of Cianjur, West Java, on Monday (21/11) damaged thousands of buildings and killing and injuring many. As of Tuesday (22/11), 9:55 a.m. WIB, the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) reported that 103 people, including children, have died.

BNPB information chief Abdul Muhari explained that most of the victims died because they were crushed by the rubble of a collapsed building. In addition, 31 other people were still reported missing.

“377 people were injured in Cianjur Regency, one moderately injured in Bandung Regency, one seriously injured, nine slightly injured in Sukabumi Regency, and two slightly injured in Bogor Regency,” elaborated Muhari.

“Residents displaced increased to 7,060 people spread over several locations. In addition, eight families fled in Sukabumi Regency and four people fled in Bogor Regency,” he continued, adding that as many as 3,075 houses were lightly damaged, 33 moderately damaged, and 59 heavily damaged.