80 works of art by Agus Suwage exhibited at Macan Museum

Museum Macan
Agus Suwage’s works of art on display at Macan Museum. (Source: Museum Macan)

Jakarta, IO – As many as works of art by artist Agus Suwage that have never been published before are showcased at Macan Museum, Jakarta. Themed “The Theater of Me” they consist of sculptures, paintings and drawings produced since 1990.

“The inspiration came from everywhere, including in my daily life. For example, at the beginning, my work touched on social and political issues, and progressed to norms and religion. Even now I have only realized that I am actually only unearthing old works. Creating arts is like releasing thoughts, as long as they are stirring and relevant to the situation,” said Suwage at the opening of the exhibition on Thursday (2/6).

Suwage’s works are an important part of contemporary art in Indonesia. He dares to reflect on two historical contexts that are interrelated. The first is his own identity as an artist that was forged in the 1990s until the reformasi era. Secondly, the era of globalization which brings with it the speedy, cross-border flow of information, culture, economy and people.