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Sandiaga Uno talks about the possibility of PPP joining Prabowo’s government


Jakarta, IO – PPP election director Sandiaga Uno did not rule out the possibility of his party will be joining Prabowo’s government.

Sandiaga said this refers to the PPP position, which has always been part of the goverment coalition and supported government programs. Moreover, PPP currently has a number of important positions in government, per CNN Indonesia, Tue (27/2).

“PPP is a party that supports the government, so our position is in the government. There are two ministers, there is one deputy minister, there is the presidential special staff,” said Sandiaga.

The position mentioned by Sandiaga refers to himself as the tourism and creative economy minister, Suharso Monarfa as national development planning minister, Saiful Rahmat Dasuki as deputy religous affairs minister.

Nevertheless, Sandiaga said that the PPP would go through a number of processes and stages to determine the direction of the political party, including in its national conference. He said the party’s decision to become part of the government or opposition would be discussed in the forum.

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“But from my view, my personal view, we would definitely be very honored to be invited to build the nation because it is in accordance with the name of the party,” said Sandiaga.

Based on the ongoing counts by the General Elections Commission (KPU) the 2024 presidential election held on February 14 was won by candidate pair No 2 Prabowo Subianto and Gibran Rakabuming Raka who secured 58.85 percent of total votes, concluding the election in just one round. (un)


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