Wormdome green house, a winning zero-waste cultivation method

Wormdome green house ,a winning zero-waste cultivation method
Announcement of the 2021 Himakua Paper Competition winners.

Bogor, IO – The team of Hidayatush Sholihin and Ziadatunnisa Ilmi Latifa
from IPB University won first place in the Himakua Scientifc Paper Competition held by Sriwijaya University, Palembang ,South Sumatra 14, October .Under the guidance of Fajar Maulana ,lecturer of the Faculty of Fishery and Maritime Sciences ’Department of Aquatic Cultivation, they developed the idea of a“ wormdome greenhouse” in the integrated multi-tropic aquaculture( IMTA )scheme, as an effort to utilize cultivation process wastes.

The system adopts an interlocking natural process where nothing is wasted“: By integrating the cultivation of catfish ,tubifex worms ,and aquaponics vegetables, a wormdome green house has both organic and zero waste characteristics .The organic matter produced by cultivated catfish is converted into biomass by the vegetables and worms using our feeder filter system ”,said Fajar as quoted by Ipb.ac.id on Monday.(18/10/2021) “Our team’s innovation allows for high productivity in fishery with environmental sustainability”.

30 college student teams from all over Indonesia participated in this online competition, which seeks collegial innovation for developing our fishery potentials during the COVID 19-pandemic.

“The pandemic has reverted trading schemes, from global to local. This reversal includes foodstuff production: every country in the world attempts to secure food stocks for their own domestic use. Luckily, Indonesia as a major maritime country has a lot of aquatic area available,” Hidayatush said. “Lately, fshery production, especially cultivation fishery, has been growing greatly. Our current productivity per hectare of land is much better than what it was 50 years ago. However, this high productivity causes a new problem in that organic waste is produced at the same
rate as organic products. If we let this slide, this waste may threaten our environment through problems such as algae explosion or upwelling of lakes. This is why we came up with the idea for the wormdome greenhouse.” (est)