BerAKHLAK, the key in transmuting civil servants

BerAKHLAK, the key in transmuting civil servants

IO – BerAKHLAK. It is a statement of core values, an abbreviation of Berorientasi Pelayanan, Akuntabel, Kompeten, Harmonis, Loyal, Adaptif, dan Kolaboratif (“Service-Oriented, Accountable, Competent, Harmonious, Loyal, Adaptive, and Collaborative”). It is based on the Islamic/Indonesian concept of “berakhlak (baik)” or “having (good) akhlak”, i.e. embodying good and honorable behavior, based on belief in the Divine ruling of Allah.

RI’s President Joko Widodo previously launched the BerAKHLAK Core Values and the employer branding slogan for civil servants “Bangga Melayani Bangsa” (“Proud to Serve the Nation”) on 27 July 2021, in order to revive offcials’ spirits and give them something to aspire to in their service to the State and the people. The values should also serve as a base of reference on daily attitude and behavior.

Acting in line with these core values means that civil servants
provide superior-quality service to the people. It means that they
are responsible for the tasks and duties entrusted to them, that they are dedicated to and prioritize the interests of the people and the State. It means that they care for one another, respect each other’s differences, and build good synergy at work. It means that they constantly learn and develop their personal capabilities, that they constantly innovate and that they are enthusiastic in moving change forward as well as in facing innovations.

BerAKHLAK, the key in transmuting civil servants

Future civil servants should fully understand the philosophy behind “BerAKHLAK” and “Proud to Serve the Nation” even before they take the entry test. “All individuals who want to become civil servants should instill these core values and this slogan into their hearts, so that they can implement them both at work and beyond work in their daily lives,” said Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Deputy of Civil Servant HR Alex Denni in the middle of his inspection of the Civil Servant Basic
Competence Selection 2021 held in Cijantung, Jakarta, on Saturday (16/10/2021).

As the engine that moves bureaucratic transformation and reforms, the Ministry has the all-important role of inculcating the idea of BerAKHLAK and Proud to Serve the Nation in order to mold individual civil servants into optimal providers of service to the people and into role models for
their colleagues and the common people. These ideas should mold
civil servants to be more adaptive and adjust according to changes
in technology. Furthermore, the filling in of civil servant positions
now does not just consider what position is empty in the organization, but also considers the acquisition of talented workers that will
strengthen the identity of “civil servants”.

“We want people who have the capacity to express and achieve the
expectations of their Organization. They must perform in such a way
that helps to achieve the Organi

zation’s objectives, willing to continuously learn and develop their
competence to support Organizational strategies, and act according
to the Organization’s culture and BerAKHLAK. We only want civil servants who we recruit to be able to establish strong employer branding among the people,” Alex said.

These core values and employer branding can only be called successful when civil servants’ work culture transforms into one with strong motivation, creativity, dedication, capability, and commitment. “Work culture” is individual and group attitude and behavior based on the values that they believe in, and that have become part of their characteristics and daily habits, both at work and outside of it.