Sunday, December 3, 2023 | 23:28 WIB

VP opens door to medical marijuana use


Ma'ruf Amin
VP Ma’ruf Amin. (Source: instagram/kyai_marufamin)

Ma’ruf made the statement in response to the steps taken by the House of Representatives (DPR) which is currently reviewing the discourse on medical marijuana legalization. House Deputy Speaker Sufmi Dasco Ahmad previously stated that the study was carried out to respond to emerging public demands.

Recently, the House leadership received a visit by a woman named Santi who hopes that the lawmakers can pass a legislation on medical marijuana.

Read: House open to potential legalization of cannabis for medical purpose

To make her aspiration known, Santi took to the street carrying a poster that reads “Please, my son needs medical marijuana” at car free day (CFD) in Jakarta, Sunday (26/6). Her action went viral and garnered a lot of comments on social media. It also ignited a public debate about the merit of medical marijuana. (un)


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