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The 2023 Dimas-Diajeng of Sleman


Jakarta, IO – The Dimas-Diajeng of Sleman (“Mr. and Ms. Sleman”) pageant is held by the Regency of Sleman Tourism Office once every two years, in cooperation with the Dimas-Diajeng of Sleman Association (Ikatan Dimas-Diajeng Sleman – “IDDS”).

It selects the Cultural Ambassadors and Representatives of Sleman, whose duty is to disseminate knowledge and perspectives on tourism and culture to a young generation, with the end purpose of raising and strengthening their love of our homeland and culture. By providing a forum for the young to perform positive activities in a more interesting format, the pageant also helps Dimas-Diajeng candidates of Sleman plan and organize events better. 

The current Dimas-Diajeng of Sleman Pageant was held again this year, after the last one back in 2021. After having undergone the election process – documentary selection, written test, interview test, and training in quarantine before being judged, the candidates took part in the Dimas-Diajeng of Sleman 2023 Coronation on Friday, 12 May 2023, at 19.00 PM WIB at the Performance Hall of the State University of Yogyakarta’s Faculty of Literature, Art, and Culture. 

The Dimas-Diajeng Sleman 2023 coronation night is the peak of the Dimas-Diajeng Sleman 2023 process, starting in February with 107 participants, 47 applying for the Dimas and 60 for the Diajeng position. After the selection, the Committee ended up with 15 pairs of elected Dimas and Diajengs. 

The coronation marks the end of tenure for the Dimas-Diajeng of Sleman 2021, Dimas Ibnu and Diajeng Alma. Both expressed their mutual hope that the new Dimas-Diajeng of Sleman will have the character, caring, and achievements worthy of the title. 

Dimas Rindra won the Dimas of Sleman 2023 title, replacing Diajeng Ibnu, with Diajeng Anja selected to replace Diajeng Alma as the Diajeng of Sleman 2023. The pageant nominated 15 Dimas and 15 Diajengs of Sleman 2021, with 8 sub-categories and 1 award during the coronation.

The Dimas-Diajeng elect and the 8 sub-category winners were selected according to strict and objective criteria by the Jury. Assessments include tourism, culture, psychology, content creation, talent show, and public speaking. The Dimas-Diajeng elect are expected to be able to interact with the people, especially the young, through positive activities that will develop Sleman tourism. 

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Ishadi Zayid, Head of the Sleman Regency Tourism Office, hopes that even though there will only be one pair of winners, the rest will still be able to perform their mission as the Dimas and Diajeng of Sleman, contributing positively in regional, national, and international forums as Regional Representatives and Tourism Ambassadors of the Regency of Sleman. 

During the same event, Regent of Sleman Hj. Kustini Sri Purnomo expressed her pride in the high level of participation among the younger generation of Sleman citizens in the event. In her address, she also expressed her hope that the Dimas-Diajeng of Sleman can inspire the young citizens of Sleman, serve as exemplars for them, and provide positive contribution to the development of the Sleman Regency. (des)


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