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Police arrests leader of caliphate-promoting group Khilafatul Muslimin


Jakarta, IO – Metro Jaya Police apprehended leader of Khilafatul Muslimin (KM), Abdul Qadir Baraja, on Tuesday (7/6). He was named a suspect in the motorbike convoy to promote caliphate in Cawang, East Jakarta on May 29.

National Police spokesperson Inspector General Dedi Prasetyo said the militant group could potentially commit treason because they were disseminating the idea of the caliphate as a substitute for the Pancasila ideology through declarations, persuasions, and pamphlets, CNN Indonesia reported on Monday (13/6).

Dedi also explained that their activities were also listed on monthly bulletin and their website which has been blocked by the government. “Their website states that ‘Pancasila is not suitable because only the caliphate can bring prosperity to the world and the people,’” he revealed.

On that basis, he said, Polda Metro Jaya arrested and immediately detained Baraja after being named a suspect in the case. He was charged with Article 59(4) in conjunction with Article 82(2) of Law 16/2017 on mass organizations and Article 14 (1) and (2) and/or Article 15 of Law 1/1946 on Regulation of Criminal Law which carries a sentence of imprisonment of a minimum 5 years and a maximum 20 years.


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