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Pearl Chinese Restaurant: Remarkable“Modern Cantonese” Menu


IO – Chinese food enthusiasts can enjoy the delicacy of Chinese dishes with modern Cantonese nuances at Pearl Chinese Restaurant. The impression of luxury and comfort is felt upon entering the Restaurant, as the interior is modern, with red and golden dominance. 

Pearl Chinese Restaurant has been around since 2001, located on the second floor of JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta. The name “pearl”, which conveys a luxury significance, also gives an impression of an oriental style, so it is considered appropriate by management at that time. 

Modern Cantonese menu. In its early days, Pearl served authentic Chinese dishes. However, nowadays Pearl Chinese Restaurant serves a menu with a modern Cantonese concept. Some excellent menu items: BBQ Combination Platter, Roast Duck, Sautéed Prawns with Mayonnaise, and Baked Pork Ribs with Chefs special sauce. 

The restaurant also serves experimental menus such as Peking Duck Foie Gras with Pearl Rice, Caramelized Wild Salmon, Seared 9+ Black Angus Wagyu Beef Steak, Pearl Barbeque Pork Rib, and Tong Po Belly. 

Caramelized Wild Salmon is a special menu. Soft salmon meat with a slightly salty and sour taste mixed with the sweet taste of caramel sugar with an extraordinary taste. 

Mango Prawn Ball menu is a round-shaped shrimp ball in which mango fruit is shaped like an egg yolk. The savory shrimp melts with the freshness of sweet and sour mango. This menu looks beautiful with fresh mango sauce. 

In addition to the a la carte menu, Pearl Chinese Restaurant also offers a dim sum menu and a live station. The concept is an all you can eat Dimsum, entitled Weekend ‘Dimsumlicious’ Brunch. This menu is only available on weekends, Saturdays, and Sundays at 10.30-14.30 WIB. For this weekend program, Pearl Chinese serves 40 Chinese specialties such as soups, appetizers, main dishes to desserts. 

Dimsum has become one of Pearl Chinese Restaurant’s special menu items, since it has characteristics that are rarely found in other restaurants. In many restaurants, Dimsum is usually served in a buffet which can make Dimsum’s texture drier for a long time. But Pearl Chinese Restaurant serves Dimsum by ordering and directly cooked by the chef. 

Executive Chinese Chef Daniel Foong handles all Chinese specialties at Pearl. Chef Daniel specializes in traditional Chinese dishes with modern touches and presentations. He often mixes various non-Chinese ingredients, then cooks them with traditional Chinese cooking techniques. This is why the Chinese Community in Jakarta considers Pearl Chinese dishes to be different from others. 

Private event. Besides serving superior menus, the Pearl Chinese Restaurant area is quite extensive. Pearl Chinese Restaurant has a capacity of around 92 seats and four private rooms. 

According to Adeza Hamzah, Cluster Director of Marketing of The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan & JW Marriott Jakarta, Pearl Chinese Restaurant is often the choice to hold special events such as traditional Chinese wedding events, traditional Sangjit ceremonies, private business events, eating together, and so on. 

Pearl Chinese Restaurant is open every day from 10:00 to 22:00 WIB. When the situation wa normal, the number of Pearl visitors was 50 per day on weekdays, while on weekends the number is around 100 visitors per day. During the Covid-19 and “new normal” pandemic, Pearl Chinese Restaurant offers a special delivery service with ‘Delivery by JW’, with a set menu consisting of side dishes, soup choices, vegetable choices, white rice, and cut fruit choices. 

Meanwhile, to improve hygienic procedures with local protocol there is Marriott International “Commitment to Clean” to ensure the safety of food connoisseurs and employees. Thus, customers can eat safely and comfortably. 

“We also want to re-introduce Pearl Chinese Restaurant as a place for private events such as weddings, meetings, and others,” said Adeza. (Kartika Indah)


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