The Mongolin: Live Kitchen a la Mongolia

(Photo: A. Mayasaphira)

IO – Kemang, South Jakarta is indeed a favorite place to spend time with close friends, as the area is filled with cozy places. The Mongolin – Authentic Mongolian Grill, located in Kemang Raya, is one of these. The restaurant, established in early 2020, not only serves special Mongolian food in a unique way, but is also a comfortable place to gather with friends. Besides, friendly service also makes The Mongolin the choice to spend time together. 

The restaurant, which operates 24 hours a day, offers a variety of meat and vegetables, with a selection of typical Mongolian sauces. Packages offered include Regular, Medium, and Premium. The Regular Package contains a choice of noodles, various types of vegetables such as mustard greens, pickles, mushrooms, eggs, chicken meat, and fatty beef. 

The Medium Package is the same as the Regular Package, with more choices of meat plus seafood toppings such as green mussels, bamboo shells, shrimp, Dori, and squid. The Premium Package is the most complete package, with choices of Medium Package added with a variety of wagyu meat, sliced meat, and salmon. White rice is included in each package, along with the various types of sauces recommended directly by the Mongolin chef. 

After picking foods, visitors can choose whether they want to cook the food by themselves or have the chef cook for them—both on a large distinctive stove. Before cooking, the chef will ask for taste preferences to adjust the dish for each visitor. These packages are sold at Rp. 37,000 for the Regular Package, Rp. 57,000 for the Medium Package, and Rp. 87,000 for the Premium Package. Also, this restaurant offers ala carte menus such as Salmon with Mongolian Sauce, and Chicken with Mongolian Sauce. 

The favorite menu at this restaurant is the Regular Package, with a choice of vegetables complete with chicken and fatty beef. At an affordable price, no wonder the Regular Package is the most favored menu in the restaurant. 

The choice of sauces served with the package is black pepper sauce, hoisin sauce, teriyaki sauce, Mongol sauce, sweet soy sauce, plum sauce, barbecue sauce, oyster sauce, garlic paste, red onion paste, cayenne paste, and seafood sauce. Visitors are also advised on serving and recommendation of the sauces mix by the chef. 

The number of visitors to this typical Mongolian restaurant usually reaches 40 to 50 people at night, and 30 people during the day. “Usually at night, guests come from places along this road, because our restaurant is one of the restaurants open for 24 hours. We are usually busy from 5 pm to 12, and it will get crowded again from 2 to 4 in the morning. “ said Syaiful, one of the workers at The Mongolin. 

However, during the pandemic, The Mongolian had been closed for two months before resuming operations in June. This was done as an attempt by The Mongolin to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. 

Welcoming the new normality era, The Mongolin has implemented protocols as recommended by the government including providing disinfectant chambers in front of the entrance, providing hand sanitizers in various corners of the restaurant, providing barriers on each table, and limiting the number of visitors to 50%. All done in the hope of recovering the culinary business in the new normal era. (A. Mayasaphira)