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Pan-Java supporters agree to uphold peace in the aftermath of deadly soccer riot


Jakarta, IO – In the wake of the football tragedy at Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang, which killed 131 people, all supporters in Java agreed to make peace. This commitment was marked by the lighting of thousands of candles in the parking lot of Mandala Krida Stadium, Yogyakarta, reported Antara on Wednesday (5/10).

“We will make history that we supporters who are present tonight will stop all the longstanding hatred,” said Brajamusti Yogyakarta president Muslich Burhanuddin in a speech. Muslich asked all supporters to make the tragedy in Kanjuruhan a lesson learned and turning point to unite in advancing Indonesian football.

“We will leave positive legacy to our children and grandchildren that, in the future, football in Indonesia, especially Yogyakarta and Central Java will be full of joy,” he said.

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Supporter groups that attended included Brajamusti and The Maident (Yogyakarta), Paserbumi (Bantul), Slemania and BCS (Sleman), Pasoepati, Ultras, and GK Samber Nyawa (Solo), Panzer Biru and Snex (Semarang), Aremania (Malang), Bonek (Surabaya), The Jakmania (Jakarta), and Bobotoh and Vikings (Bandung). Also present were representatives from Medan and Makassar. (rr)


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