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MLTR ends Indonesian part of Asian Tour, promising to return


Jakarta, IO – Danish rock band Michael Learns to Rock (MLTR) has ended part of its “Michael Learns to Rock Back on the Road” Asian Tour 2022. The closing of  the Indonesian part of the Asian Tour was held in the Kasablanka Hall, Jakarta, on Tuesday (08/11/2022). 

In the concert, MLTR sang 20 of their hits, including “Sleeping Child”, “Nothing to Lose”, “Complicated Heart”, “Paint My Love”, “Take Me to Your Heart”, and “That’s Why You Go Away”. “This is our final night in Indonesia, end of this part of our Asian Tour. We really love you all! We truly feel how deep your love for us is,” declared MLTR vocalist Jascha Richter, to a thunderous ovation from the audience. 

Richter repeatedly reassured his audience that MLTR will be coming back to Indonesia soon, including at the end of the concert: “Don’t worry, we’ll definitely coming back to see you again soon! We hope you had fun. That’s a promise!” he declared, to the general hysteria of the audience. 

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For the first leg of its Asian Tour, MLTR has played in cities across Indonesia, from 16 October 2022. They kicked off their Asian Tour here in Jakarta, before going on to Surabaya, Makassar, Palembang, and Yogyakarta. They finally ended this part here in Jakarta, because of such a high level of enthusiasm from their fans here in the Capital. 

The Jakarta Concert finale was promoted by BOART Indonesia and Warna-Warni Advertising. (des)


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