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Dewa 19’s Orchestral Concert:
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Jakarta, IO – Dewa 19, the legendary Indonesian pop band, is all set to organize an orchestral concert. Simply named “A Night at the Orchestra”, the planned date is on 25 November 2022, at Balai Sarbini Hall, Jakarta. 

This concert, as its name implies, is a special exclusive concert that will showcase the works of Dewa 19 in orchestral arrangement, just for the 1,200 lucky fans who are able to snag tickets for the event. With Guntur Pardjono Putra conducting, it will also feature artists such as Ari Lasso, Mulan Jameela, Hanin Dhiya – and naturally, the Ahmad Dhani Philharmonic Orchestra. 

“The concert’s name is inspired by the 1975 Queen album, ‘A Night at the Opera’. After having 30 years of my career in music, I want to stage a revolution with this concert. I hope that in the future, this will be part of a new lifestyle in enjoying orchestras in the Capital city – even throughout Indonesia. In order to be able to appreciate and enjoy the orchestra properly, we request that all members of the audience wear formal clothes – black suit and tie for men, black gown for women,” declares Ahmad Dhani Prasetya, Dewa 19 founder and main vocalist. “To support the enthusiasm garnered for this concert, we are collaborating with Ultra Voucher as our partner for our newly launched Gift Card.” 

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Responding to the statement, Director of Ultra Voucher Riky Boy Permata replied that Dewa 19 is a legendary Indonesian band who maintain their popularity in the national music industry consistently for decades. “Therefore, Dewa 19’s endless creation and innovation spirit encourages us at Ultra Voucher to collaborate with Dewa 19,” he said. 

“We greatly hope that the Baladewa and Baladewi – our loyal male and female fans – can join us to enjoy our beloved works that will be presented uniquely on 25 November,” Ahmad Dhani said. (des)


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