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Le Minerale in a mutual commitment “The Rising Tide” supported by KLHK


Jakarta, IO – Muryansyah was finally able to complete a triathlon by cycling, swimming and running a marathon from Bali to Jakarta for 30 days. Accompanied by a health and security team, he arrived in Jakarta on schedule and immediately joined the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) event themed “The Rising Tide – A Grassroot Movement for Sustainability” which campaigns for environmental awareness by creating a sustainable household waste management ecosystem. Its mission is to raise public and stakeholder awareness on environmental issues, especially plastic waste reduction. The Rising Tide movement has the full support of Le Minerale, a producer of bottled drinking water that is committed to implementing the Circular Economy Movement in a bid to reduce waste.

Muryansyah said he hoped the movement would inspire the Indonesian people to take part in the circular economy. In addition, it also builds enthusiasm to protect the environment by reducing waste through sorting and recycling. “If not us who else will start to do it,” he said.

The Rising Tide series have reached more than 14,500 people and educated them about the importance of sorting waste as part of recycling efforts in order to reduce national waste generation.

When greeted by the Environment and Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya, Muryansyah and Le Minerale submitted a report on what they encountered during the triathlon. “During the trip, we collected 68 tons of household waste, 78% of which was plastic, and 40% of which had high recycling value. The collected waste will be channelled to the recycling industry. Along the way I also saw many small packages littering the road. This is the real problem,” said Muryansyah.

In her speech, Siti Nurbaya emphasized that the most important thing in the environment is that people can understand the waste problem. Campaigning for clean environment is in everyone’s interest. “I appreciate all those involved in this activity, starting from Mr. Muryansyah, as well as the producer and the media who support this movement that builds a spirit of community,” said Siti. Siti also added that this movement must be continued and become a commitment for all stakeholders.


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