Friday, September 22, 2023 | 06:05 WIB

Independence Day festivities in Manggarai


Jakarta, IO – Today, Indonesia celebrates its 77th anniversary of Independence Day. Citizens participated in various activities held to enliven it. The residents of Manggarai subdistrict, Tebet, South Jakarta, for example, gathered along the Tebet-Pasar Rumput street and conducted a parade reminiscing of the guerrilla hero General Sudirman and his men who walked down the mountain after Indonesia’s independence was announced.

“We want to experience the history of Sudirman’s struggle and also feel grateful for Indonesia’s independence,” said one of the residents to

The convoy consisted of people from diverse age groups, from children, teenagers, to the elderly. They paraded a miniature figurine of fallen soldiers, General Sudirman’s stretcher and wore costumes such as school uniforms, health workers to security officers.

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After the convoy, the residents gathered again to take part in competitions. On Barkah Street, they held balloon popping contest for children and putting money into buckets using a cooking spoon for mothers. Burst of laughter could be heard everywhere.

This is the third year that Indonesians celebrate the country’s Independence Day under the shadow of the Covid-19 pandemic. Unlike in the past two years, this year the government relaxed the restrictions. Manggarai residents were grateful that they were able to celebrate the Independence Day with great joy. (rr)


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