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Celebrating the Independence Day, Jakarta Aquarium and Safari unfurls giant flag


Jakarta, IO – In celebration of the 77th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia’s Independence, the Jakarta Aquarium and Safari unfurled a giant flag at its main tank. It was one of its “Around the Archipelago at the Jakarta Aquarium and Safari” series of events on Wednesday (17/8).

Two skilled divers spread a giant flag measuring 9×4 meters underwater. The atmosphere became even more lively when two mermaids dressed in red and white were present in the middle of the flag. They circled the flag while performing an attraction to form a heart (love) symbol.

Jakarta Aquarium and Safari marketing communication manager Avatara said this year is the third that such activity was held at the aquarium. He said it took about a month to prepare everything.

“Because raising the flag is very sacred to us. Every year we try to make the flag bigger. The first time we held it, the flag size was 3×3 meters,” said Avatara.


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